Jess Campbell
— Photographer + Designer

Ellipse Magazine



Social Media Manager
Photography + Design Content Creation


Ellipse Magazine is a student-run print and online publication
produced by senior photography and design students. It explores topics
of humanity, culture, technology, and more as we move into the future.

Social Media

As social media manager, I worked with a team to strategize content for Instagram and Facebook that would create excitement for the magazine’s launch and gain support for our fundraising campaign. I also photographed and designed the content shown below for social media.

Print Editorials

Listen, then speak. Interactive visual break. Created independently.

Sensorial Urbanism. Created in collaboration with Evan Jaccodine. Second page illustration by Laura Randall.

Online Editorials

Social Media Poll Results. Web design. Created independently.


Urban Wellness. Photography, interviews, and web design created in collaboration with Emily Patten and Evan Jaccodine.