Jess Campbell
— Photographer + Designer

One With Us Gallery Branding



Social Media

OneWithUs wall.jpg
I created the identity and advertising for
RIT’s Senior Photojournalism exhibition, One With Us.

Goal: Design an identity that embodies the photojournalist’s stories of belonging and dignity.

I honed my skills of communication, file + color management, and cross–platform visual consistency.

I consulted with the six photojournalism seniors throughout a two–month process of branding to create multimedia collateral to advertise the gallery show in print and social media, and physical pieces to carry the brand into the exhibition.


Top: Three tabloid poster variations that were distributed on RIT’s campus and shared on social media. Bottom: Large poster for story overviews to pique interest before the show’s opening.


Above: Logo animation used for social media and exhibition trailer. Below: Digital invites and announcements for email and social media (weather caused for a rescheduled opening).


Above: Printed takeaway for visitors at the gallery opening. Below: Gallery title design for the stories and a show description / thank you poster.